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50+ Songwriting Prompts: Unique Ideas To Get Your Next Song Started (With Examples!)

If you’re trying to write a song from scratch, staring at a blank screen is one of the most frustrating things for any songwriter.

Even though AI is on the rise, writing heartfelt and relatable lyrics and music can be quite difficult – people want to hear something that feels like it was made specifically for them.

When you don’t have anything to go off of, it can be especially hard to write a good song. The good thing is, to get your creative juices and unique song ideas flowing, all you need is the right songwriting prompt, and in this post, I’ll share 50+ ideas to help get you started!

Regardless of what your song is about, these prompts will help give you the confidence to craft something special that expresses what matters most to you. So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

How To Generate Song Ideas from a Prompt

songwriting prompts

In order to generate a song from a prompt, make sure you start by asking yourself the below questions:

– What are my personal experiences related to what this prompt is about?

– How do I want the listener to feel when they hear this song?

– What kind of imagery can I incorporate to bring the song together?

– What unique message or story do I want this song to tell?

For example, if you find a prompt that relates to a personal experience you’ve had, try to think of specific details that can help you recreate the moment in your music. You can also play with emotions and imagery to enhance the song’s story and make it come alive.

Another big thing when writing songs from a prompt is deciding what emotion you want to evoke, and based on that, you can choose a song tempo, chord progression and even the instrumentation that passes that message across.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get into some of the most unique songwriting prompts out there!

50+ Unique Song Prompts & Writing Ideas

Here are some unique prompts to help you get started on your next song idea.

1) Change the world

What kind of change would you like to see in the world, and how can you spread that message through music?

2) Life Lessons

What’s a life lesson you’ve learned that you’d like to share with others? This could be something you learned from an experience, a book, or even from someone else.

3) Homecoming

Write songs about the feeling of coming back to your hometown and the nostalgia that comes with it. To personalize it, you can share detailed and specific stories such as memories of meeting friends, family reunions and other special moments.

4) A Day in the Life

This may seem boring at first, but with the right mood and instrumentation, you can turn a day in your life into an interesting story. Talk about your daily routines, the people you meet and the conversations you have.

For example, you could start a song with something like “Woke up in the morning, text messages filled my phone. Checked the news, took a shower, and I was ready to go.”

Okay, that’s a little cheesy – but you get the idea!

5) Friendship

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes; you can write about a friendship that made an impact on you. The times you shared, the memories you made, and even the conversations you had.

6) Childhood Memories

We all have fond memories of our childhood; think about an experience that still brings a smile to your face and turn it into a song! On the flip side, childhood memories aren’t always great – at least not for everyone.

If you experienced something traumatic during your childhood, it can be a great way to express your feelings through music and, if it’s your aim, provide comfort for those who may have gone through something similar.

7) Nature

Take some time to appreciate the beauty of nature and write a song about it. Think about yourself in the context of nature and make it relatable to your listeners. While you may not write about nature itself, you can also include some imagery or words to evoke the emotion associated with it.

8) Dreams

Dreams come in all forms and can be interpreted in many ways. Think about a dream you had that really stayed with you, and write your song about it. Dreams can be pretty metaphorical, so you can take the opportunity to get creative and interpret them in your own way.

9) Personal Struggles

We all have struggles, big or small, that we have to overcome in life. Write a song about your personal struggles and how you overcame them or how you are dealing with them. These types of songs are often very vulnerable and relatable, making it easier to connect with your listeners.

10) Joy

Write about a moment that made you feel pure joy and all the things that might make you feel it. Also, think of how to express that emotion musically – chords, choice of words, tempo, instrumentation, and more components.

11) Life Changes

Your life can change in an instant, but you have the power to make it what you want. Write a song about any life-changing moments that have taken place and how you chose to move forward.

12) Heartache

Heartache can come in many forms, from a break-up to a loving loss. Try to encapsulate that feeling in your song and give it the justice it deserves.

13) Gratitude

Take some time to think about the things you’re grateful for and write a song expressing those feelings of gratitude.

14) Adventure

The feeling of going on an adventure can be invigorating and exciting. Think about a journey you’ve been on or plan on going on, and write a song about it. You can also make this a heartfelt song by singing about an adventure that you’ve gone on or want to go on with someone.

15) Loneliness

songwriting prompts

The feeling of loneliness can be overwhelming and heavy, but it’s something that so many people experience. Write about the feeling of loneliness and how you choose to cope with it.

16) Unrequited Love

We all have been in a situation where we didn’t get what we wanted or had to let go of something we loved. Write a song about it in order to express your emotion and make peace with what happened.

17) Celebration

Write a song that celebrates an achievement or accomplishment you’ve made in life. It could be anything from graduating college to making your first sale.

18) Hope

We all have moments of doubt and despair, but having hope can be the thing that will get us through it. Write a song about clinging to hope and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

19) The Future

Think about where you see yourself in the future and write a song that expresses that.

20) Letting Go

Sometimes we have to let go of things that we don’t want to, write a song about the process of letting go and all the emotions that come with it.

21) Mental Health

Mental health is an important topic, and as musicians, we can use our songs to spread awareness and bring light to the darkness. Write a song about mental health, whether it’s from a personal experience or the experience of someone you know.

22) Overcoming Fear

Fear can be paralyzing, but sometimes we have to push through it in order to achieve something great. Write a song about overcoming your fears and taking that leap of faith.

23) Choices

We all have to make choices in our lives, and sometimes the consequences of those choices can be hard to deal with. Write a song about a difficult choice you’ve had to make and how it affected your life.

24) Love

Love can be the most powerful emotion in the world, and it’s no surprise that many musicians have written songs about it. You can write a love song from your perspective, whether good, bad, or ugly.

25) Dance

Dancing is a great way to express yourself and have fun at the same time! Write a song that you can dance to and make your listeners want to get up and move.

26) Heartbreak

Heartache is a powerful emotion that can lead to some of the most beautiful music. Write a song about heartbreak and all the emotions that come with it.

27) Self-Reflection

Take some time to reflect on yourself and who you are as a person. Write a song that captures the essence of who you are and how you view the world.

28) Equality

Write a song about equality and the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness.

29) Family

Family can be another source of songwriting inspiration. Whether good or bad, write a song about the relationships in your family and how they’ve impacted you.

30) Home

Home can mean something different to everyone, so write a song about what home means to you and how it makes you feel.

31) Freedom

Freedom is something that we all strive for, and it can be expressed through music. Write a song about freedom.

32) Hope & Faith

These two go hand in hand, and writing a song about them can be the best way to express your belief in something greater.

33) An Unexpected Experience

Life is full of surprises, so why not write a song about one? Whether it’s something good or bad, the experience can often lead to some of the most inspiring songs.

34) Overcoming Adversity

We all face adversity in life, and sometimes it can be hard to see past it. Write a song about overcoming hardship and coming out on the other side.

35) Identity

Write a song about your identity and what makes you unique. It could be something as simple as a defining trait or something more complex like how you view the world.

36) Tell a Story

Tell a story through music about something you’ve experienced or seen. You can write lyrics about anything from a wild journey to a tragic event.

37) Imagination

The power of imagination is limitless, so write a song about something only you can dream up.

38) Joyful Feelings

Write a song about making joyful noise and the power of using your voice for good in the world.

39) Wedding

Writing a song about love and tying the knot is always a special moment. Think of all the emotions that come with getting married and put it into a song.

40) Discovering You Love Someone

Love can be a surprise, so why not write a song about discovering your love for someone? From butterflies in your stomach to the realization of true love, capture it all in your song.

41) Your First Impression of Someone

Write a song about the first impression you got of someone when you met them and how it has changed over time.

42) A Letter You Wrote

Write a song about the emotions that came up when writing a letter to someone. Whether it’s an apology or a declaration of love, make it into a memorable song.

43) Saying the Last Goodbye

Saying goodbye to someone you love can be difficult, but writing a song about it can help with the healing process. Express your pain and grief in a beautiful song.

44) Addiction

Addiction is a real issue, and writing a song about it can help create awareness and bring light to the subject.

45) Sickness

Write a song about sickness, either from personal experience or for someone else.

46) Looking at the Stars

Sometimes all we need is a moment to look at the stars and be reminded of how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Write a song about the beauty of the night sky.

47) War

War has been a part of our world for as long as we can remember, so write a song about its effects on people and how it shapes our lives.

48) Betrayal

Betrayal can be one of the hardest emotions to process, so write a song about it.

49) Regret

We all have moments that we wish we could take back, so put those regrets into a song and express your feelings.

50) Things You Would Talk About at a Bonfire

Write a song about all the things you would talk about with friends around a bonfire. From childhood memories to hopes for the future, make it into a beautiful song.

51) Protest Song

Write a song about something that you are passionate about and use it as a form of protest. Whether it’s global warming, brutality or anything else – put your feelings into the lyrics and make your voice heard.

What Can I Write a Song About?

There are several broad topics that songwriters like to write about, some of which I mentioned above. Here are some categories of topics to get you started:

• Relationships

• Nature

• Social Issues

• Politics and Current Events

• Life Experiences

• Imagination and Fantasy

• Emotions and Feelings

Songwriting is a creative process, so don’t be afraid to draw inspiration from your own life and experiences. When choosing a song title and writing lyrics, experiment with different topics and styles until you find one that speaks to you — that’s the key to writing great songs!

How Do I Get Ideas For a Song?

Just as with any other form of art, when making music, it’s always good to be creative, think outside the box, and take inspiration from everyday experiences.

Keep your mind open to all sorts of ideas, even the ones you never thought of before. Take a walk in nature, look for interesting stories or experiences online, listen to other people’s music, and talk with friends and family members about anything interesting they’ve experienced.

You can also get ideas from someone else’s song. However, the idea is not to be a copycat, but to draw inspiration from a few elements of another song. This could be beats, music style or even chord progressions. Trying different chord progressions is one of the best ways to get inspiration for a new song.

Another thing that you can do is to come up with a story that can be told over multiple songs. You can combine these songs into an album or release them as multiple singles.

Writing down your ideas as soon as you get them is also a good way to remember your ideas and use them in the future. It’s important not to let perfectionism get the best of you. When inspiration strikes, try to write all the lyrics at once, and you can focus on editing and tweaking things later.

If you’re struggling with lyrics, you can start with a two-word hook. This will help you construct the remaining song structure around it more easily.

Most times, when I write a song, I get inspiration randomly, either by listening to a soundtrack, a sentence I come across or maybe even the emotions I’m going through at the moment.

There are so many sources of inspiration out there, so don’t be afraid to explore and get creative with your songwriting!


No matter what type of song you are writing, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. Whether it’s from a story or a personal experience, use songwriting prompts to help you get started and give your next song the perfect opening.

The 50 prompts that I shared in this post should be more than enough to get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with your next song. Try using your own melody

Now, it’s your turn. Get out there and start writing! Good luck!

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